Dem Chief Calls on Blackburn to Give Up Congressional Salary



Tennessee Democratic Party chairman Roy Herron is out with a press release taunting Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn over this appearance on CNN in which she refused to say whether she'd give up her $174,000 salary while the federal government is shut down.

"Congressional Republicans are cutting off the pay of almost a million U.S. workers, but continue to pay the least productive, most wasteful, least efficient and highly paid federal employees — themselves," Herron said. "Because Congressional Republicans refuse to do their work, federal workers cannot do our work."

Herron pointed to Rep. Stephen Fincher's controversial quoting of the Bible when arguing against food stamps this year.

"Why should the politicians pay themselves for refusing to take care of business while denying others' paychecks for taking care of the people's business?" Herron said. "Congresswoman Blackburn has so far refused to say whether she will stop her pay, but Congressman Fincher has quoted 2 Thessalonians 3:10 and told her what she and he should do: 'Anyone unwilling to work should not eat.'"


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