Phil Bredesen, Please Sit Down and Shut Up



Phil Bredesen gave an interview to the Nashville Ledger this week, expounding yet again on health care like some kind of public policy Yoda. The takeaways?

He thinks President Obama squandered a great opportunity to implement what Bredesen calls true health care reform. To Bredesen's thinking, Obamacare sucks out loud. But he advises Gov. Bill Haslam to "just hold his nose," as his Ledger interviewer put it, and go ahead and expand Medicaid and accept billions of dollars in new federal cash. Says Bredesen:

“It’s a little hard to say, ‘Oh by the way, you’re paying for it but you shouldn’t have the advantage of it.’ So I would argue that we accept the Medicaid expansion.

“My point was always, in talking about that and the exchange issue, you’ve got to just separate that from your feelings about the Affordable Care Act. It is the law of the land, we’ve got to make some decisions going forward about what we do, and if you have an opportunity to put a substantial number of your citizens on health care insurance at really no cost to the state, I think it’s something you’ve got to consider.

And what does Bredesen think the president should have proposed instead of Obamacare? Well, Bredesen confesses he sorta likes Paul Ryan's solution. That's right, Tennessee's former Democratic governor says the radical Republican scheme to voucherize Medicare and Medicaid "had some interesting aspects about it," although he adds the plan was incomplete and left unanswered questions.

With Democrats like this, who needs Republicans? Now you can stop wondering why the Tennessee Democratic Party is a dumpster fire. We'd like it if Bredesen would go away now.

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