The Daily Links: Assessing American Schools, An Accidental H-Bomb and Trouble in Clintonland


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Got a case of the Mondays? Here's some links brighten up yo...well, they'll occupy your time, anyway.

From Wonkblog: Five things neither side of the broadband debate will admit

From Politico: Do American schools really stink? Maybe. Maybe not.

From Mother Jones: In 1961, a hydrogen bomb was accidentally released over NC. Why didn't it explode? Dumb luck.

From Slate: Maps — The Most Popular Baby Names In Each State

From Lapham Quarterly: Prisoners' last meals, pop culture and the 'the intimate relationship between food and death.'

From The New Republic: How The New Yorker Cover Became Twitter Gold

Monday morning, at least four must-click political longreads hit the web. We figure you're busy like us, so we'll give you one a day:

From The New Republic: Scandal at Clinton Inc.: How Doug Band drove a wedge through a political dynasty

Those are the links. This is a lynx...

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