#Lamarwatch: Chris Devaney is On The Clock



Remember how the BEAT LAMAR folks were unhappy with Tennessee GOP Chairman Chris Devaney? They don't appear amused that the party pretty much ignored them last week.

Well, now they've given him a deadline. If he doesn't resign by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, then ...

In the event you have not submitted your letter of resignation as chairman to the Executive Committee of the Tennessee Republican Party by 5 pm on Tuesday, September 24, 2013, the signators of this letter will formally request that the Executive Committee of the Tennessee Republican Party fire you. In addition, we will immediately undertake a highly visible public campaign in which we will enlist the assistance of every member of the Tennessee Republican Congressional delegation, every Tennessee Republican state legislator, and every one of the state’s 95 Republican Party county chairmen to secure your ouster.

We look forward to receiving a prompt response to our letter.

The letter and the list of signatories — there's a lot of Black Robes this and Tea Party that on there — can be found here.

UPDATED: TN GOP executive director Brent Leatherwood responds ...

"As we have said before, the letter wasn’t an endorsement and shouldn’t be viewed as such. This is a case of someone disregarding facts in order to create an issue for personal political gain."

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