Ron Ramsey Doesn't Write His Own Press Releases, Either



I thought it was pretty commonly accepted that you don't want to cross Ron Ramsey and that he's about 25% batshit crazy. Were we not all watching the same televised debates during the campaign for governor where he'd say a bunch of wackado stuff and then settle in to saying things that, even if you disagreed with them, made sense? Have we not all watched this pattern play out repeatedly in all aspects of his political life?

So something strange is happening in the wake of that infamous tweet from September 11th, starting with Roy Herron's insistence that Ramsey fire whoever wrote the tweet. Like a tweet could go out under Ron Ramsey's name saying something Ron Ramsey didn't agree with and the tweeter — Adam Kleinheider — not be skinned alive and left out on Charlotte Avenue as a warning to others.

The Ramsey camp tried to make it clear that this was indeed Ramsey's opinion. Lance Frizzell tweeted "More evidence LG Ramsey was right, Fitzhugh & Herron uninformed" with a link to this Daily Telegraph story. They put it up on Facebook. They released a statement that didn't back down from the tweet. Kleinheider is still alive.

And yet, Michael Cass is saying "Roy Herron was right" and "Herron, chairman of the Tennessee Democratic Party and a former senator who served alongside Ramsey, said the Blountville Republican couldn’t have written the tweet himself." Does Ron Ramsey not have a cell phone? Or thumbs? I'm not sure why he couldn't have written it himself. He's physically capable. It's not like he doesn't believe what it said.

But more than that — I don't understand why it matters if he didn't actually write it himself. We don't think twice about the fact that politicians have speechwriters or that press releases contain quotes that weren't actually uttered by the people the quotes are attributed to. Who really wrote those things isn't a story unless, somehow, they are out of character for the people to whom their attributed. This was not the case.

So, what's going on here? Why is it a story that a politician didn't compose a tweet that went out under his name? And, if that is a story, then why isn't it a story every time someone who can barely string two words together puts out a press release full of quotes that make sense? Does the medium really make that much of a difference? Why are people so anxious to find some way to let Ramsey off the hook here?

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