Properly Celebrating Voter Registration Month



We're a third of the way through Voter Registration Month, but there's still time to participate! It seems to be fairly simple. You go to the Secretary of State's website, you stare in confusion at his tie for a little bit and then think better of making jokes about it, then check to see if you're registered. If not, you print out the form and follow the directions. Simple enough.

But the real fun takes place after that, when you print out the sign that says, "I'm registered to vote. Are you?" and take pictures of yourself or, say, Rosalind Kurita, or, if you're Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, you and Rosalind Kurita, and post them to Twitter, thus encouraging others to register to vote and/or rubbing salt in old wounds.

Judging from State Rep. Craig Fitzhugh's response, it might be more seasoning than encouraging:


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