The Daily Links: Michael Bloomberg, the Underground Child Exchange and Hollywood Nazis


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It's Monday, which means interviews with the president, on Syria, will be airing on all the major news networks outlets, which means that earlier today all the major news anchors were together for this photo. In the mean time, here’s a rundown of some of the recent links Scene staffers found worth clicking:

From New York: In Conversation With Michael Bloomberg

From Wonkblog: Buying a house is harder than it's been in five years

From Slate: Exclusive scoop or false rumor? In journalism, getting it wrong could be good business

From Reuters: Inside America's underground market for adopted children

From Vanity Fair: With Brad Pitt confirming that a World War Z sequel could be in the works, here's a story from earlier this summer on how difficult it was to make the first one.

From UPROXX: Sarah Silverman's Touching Obituary For Her Dog Might Make You Cry

From Grantland: Looking back at The X-Files on its 20th anniversary

From The New Yorker: Did Hollywood Studios Collaborate with the Nazis?

Those are the links. This is a lynx...

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