Is The Tennessean Flacking for Lamar?



So Lamar Alexander is dealing with a little political problem lately — namely, tea partiers hate him and want to rub him out. One of their many issues with the senator is that he’s not sufficiently solid on the Second Amendment.

What does Lamar do? His longtime handler and partner-in-public-deception, Tom Ingram, invites former NRA chief David Keene to speak as part of an Alexander campaign event disguised as a lecture series at Lipscomb. And what does Keene say? Surprise! He loves Lamar! And gun freaks everywhere should jump on the Lamar! bandwagon because it’s oh so important for conservatives to unite for common cause.

We normally wouldn’t mention this (it's just another in Lamar's lifetime of stupid PR tricks) except for the fact that The Tennessean sent Brian Wilson there to cover it. His dispatch reads like Ingram wrote it. You would have thought Winston Churchill had convened a summit of world leaders to save civilization. Laying it on thick, Wilson even hailed Ingram as the “renowned Tennessee lobbyist.” We guess he thought that sounded better than acclaimed oily individual.

This kind of farce is to be expected from Alexander and Ingram, who have made nice careers out of ladling bullshit to the public. But do the Tennessee media have to participate?

Only a couple of weeks ago Gail Kerr informed her readers that only the “truly politically naïve” could even contemplate the possibility that Lamar might lose this election. We’re beginning to think that maybe The Tennessean is planning to use its news pages to promote Alexander’s candidacy.


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