The Daily Links: Going Back to Austin, Maryland Imports Crab, The Push To Lower The Legal Limit



It's the start of the week for some (hopefully you had yesterday off, too, which is what Grover Cleveland intended when they decided to do Labor Day in September instead of May 1), but don't you worry. We've still got stuff for you to read. Here’s a rundown of some of the recent links Scene staffers found worth clicking:

From the New York Times: A reporter returns to the Texas capitol, where his father's voice still rings

From Every Day Should Be Saturday: God's away on business.

From Slate: Sorry, Marylanders, but your crab is a lie

From BuzzFeed: What it's like being the oldest BuzzFeed employee

From the Chicago Tribune: Push to lower legal limit of intoxication to 0.05 stirs debate

From Digital Trends: Living with a Chromebook for a week is like 7 minutes of heaven, then 7 days of hell

Those are the links. This is a lynx...

  • Amiee Stubbs

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