Mary Mancini Considering Run in State Senate District 21



As Jason Holleman and Jeff Yarbro gear up for what was already set to be a hotly contested Democratic primary, Mary Mancini, the well-known local liberal activist and executive director of Tennessee Citizen Action, has confirmed to Pith that she is considering joining them in making a run for the state Senate in District 21.

"Some people have approached me to do this, and I'm thinking that we need a real strong progressive voice up there," Mancini tells Pith. "So that's why I'm thinking about it, but I certainly haven't made any decision yet."

Although Mancini is a fixture at the state legislature and has been publicly known for her political activism for some time, she says this is the first time she's considered becoming a legislator. Even though there are already two well-known figures in the race, she says she doesn't feel any pressure to make a decision before candidates can officially pull papers in January.

"I'm not worried about it. I have to make the decision that's right for myself and my family, which consists of my husband and my three dogs, but still, they're important," she says. "That's more of my consideration rather than what else is going on in the race."

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