Cayce Homes Could Be Radically Transformed



Ever since we first heard that the James A. Cayce homes could be redeveloped, MDHA has been mum on what it could look like.

Now we know. Joey Garrison has the scoop in the daily this morning:

Higher density is a key component of preliminary plans made public this week for a revitalized Cayce Homes, which calls for the number of units on the 64-acre site increasing from 716 to 1,484. That number balloons to 2,471 when including potential redevelopment of next-door Metro properties and the 250-unit CWA Plaza, which is separate Section 8 housing.

Planning consultants are expected to unveil a final recommendation in December on the future of the 1940s-era Cayce Homes. Approval, along with funding, would come from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

For months, planners, architects and residents have explored far-reaching changes to Nashville’s largest public housing community. The impetus: replace Cayce’s aging Army-style barracks with an array of housing options to usher in new “working class and working poor” populations to live alongside those who require largely subsidized housing.

This approach is not entirely new for public housing communities in Nashville, but never at this scale.

The addition of moderately priced tax credit, workforce and market-rate housing options — available to people who fall below certain income levels — would account for up to 1,505 of Cayce’s additional units.

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