Today's #LamarWatch: New Poll Finds Alexander Doing Well Among Conservatives



Over at the Nashville Post, Andrea Zelinski has the details of a new poll by the Alexander campaign is pushing:

The poll compared favorability ratings between the senator and Carr, Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett, former Williamson County Tea Party Chairman Kevin Kookogey and challenger Brenda Lenard. Neither Burchett no Kookogey have declared their candidacy, although all struggle with name recognition statewide, according to the poll.

Here’s a snapshot where Republican voters stand, according to the survey:

Voters favor Alexander 62 percent to Burchett’s 24 percent
Voters favor Alexander 64 percent to Carr’s 22 percent.
Voters favor Alexander 69 percent to Kookogey’s 15 percent.
Voters favor Alexander 69 percent to Lenard’s 16 percent.

The poll also pinpointed various factions within the 600 surveyed Republican Party voters, with three of the four groups below representing less than half of the GOP electorate.

“Strong Republicans” - 74 percent approve, 21 percent disapprove.
“Evangelical Christians” - 70 percent approve, 24 percent disapprove
“Very conservative voters” - 58 percent approve, 35 percent disapprove
“Strong Tea Party supporters” - 57 percent approve, 41 percent disapprove

Since the poll went into the field the day before Carr's announcement, those candidate numbers might move around a little bit, but it's interesting to note that his disapproval is only above 40 percent among "strong Tea Party supporters." If you're looking for how much influence Tea Partiers might have, look at Kookogey's numbers vs. Alexander. The former Williamson Co. GOP chair is someone who is well known in Tea Party circles, but almost nowhere else. That 15 percent he's pulling against the Senior Senator is likely a baseline for hardcore opponents.


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