There Are Worse Things than Your Kids Getting Shots



Over at The Tennessean they have a story about how Tennessee is seeing a rise in a rare blood disorder in infants because their parents are declining the standard Vitamin K shot.

Since February, four babies with no signs of injury or abuse have been sent to Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt with either brain hemorrhages or bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract. Dr. Robert Sidonio Jr., a hematologist, diagnosed them with vitamin K deficiency bleeding.

After discovering that all four had not received the preventive treatment, which doctors have been giving to newborns since the 1960s, he started making inquiries. Pediatricians told him parents are increasingly refusing consent because of concerns based on misinformation or the goal of having natural childbirths.

There's also this terrible story out of Texas about a measles outbreak linked to a megachurch that had been, until the outbreak, preaching against vaccinating your kids. From Forbes:

A measles outbreak in Texas traces to a congregation of a megachurch whose leader, Kenneth Copeland, reportedly has warned followers away from vaccines, advocating for faith healing and pushing the debunked notion that vaccines cause autism. One of Copeland’s churches, Eagle Mountain International Church in North Texas, is the epicenter of the outbreak, which now has hit at least 20 people.

You'll be unsurprised to learn that the church is now offering free vaccinations.

Listen, if you have any doubts about whether to avail yourself of the healthcare available to infants and young children, here's what you should do. Go get you a free trial to Pick a family from the census in 1850 and follow that family for forty years. See how many children the women had and how few of those children made it to adulthood.

You know why Spiritualism was the social force it was in the 1800s? Because people lived with the kind of grief we can hardly begin to imagine. Everyone had dead children. Lots of people lost wives and mothers in childbirth. You can almost imagine what it's like to lose a child. But to lose almost all of them? To give birth eight times and see one of them to adulthood? No wonder the whole country was fixated on ghosts.

That's what natural looks like: Kids with bleeding disorders. Kids with measles. Cemeteries full of children.

We're incredibly fortunate to live in a time where it's rare for parents to lose one child, let alone most of them. Nothing about how nature treats human children is kind or careful. Take advantage of the medical miracles you have available to you.


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