Tongues Wagging About Democrat in Senate Race



Phil Bredesen for Senate?
  • Phil Bredesen for Senate?
Lamar Alexander’s still kicking and no one’s sure whether Joe Carr even will present a serious challenge to the senator’s reelection next year, yet Democrats and Republicans alike already are all atwitter about the possibilities that might lie ahead.

Only last week — before Carr announced his candidacy — it looked almost certainly like no Democrat would bother to run for the Senate. Now names are popping up all over the place, and Democrats are dancing a jig.

State Sen. Stacey Campfield is speculating that none other than Phil Bredesen might jump into the contest if it looks like Carr can beat Lamar. If hatred of Obamacare is the key to victory, Bredesen is golden. Says Campfield:

On the Democrat side of the fence there is only one name who would even have a shot at state wide office. Phil Bredesen. There is no one else even close in terms of money or positive name ID. No one. Don't kid your selves and say some mayor, congressman or legislator. Bredesen is the only on [sic] who could pull it off.

Leftwing Cracker agrees there's only one Democrat who could win. He just thinks it's someone else — Jim Cooper.

I know, I know. No, I am NOT high or drunk or otherwise altered. Under normal circumstances, I would be calling for him to be primaried from the left. However, as you may have noticed, these are NOT normal circumstances, and if Joe Carr were to somehow snatch the GOP nomination from LAMAR!, there are a lot of GOP donors who would be pissed off enough to help Cooper. This may be his best shot.

Update: Chas Sisk read this post and decided to bat out one of his own. Then he emailed Bredesen asking whether there's been any change in his plan not to run for the Senate. “No change,” Bredesen replied.


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