The Daily Links: Thomas Pynchon, Cockroach Jailbreak and Our Pal Saddam


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It's Monday. Nothing you can do about it. So, here’s a rundown of some of the recent links Scene staffers found worth clicking:

From Vulture: On the Thomas Pynchon Trail.

From The New York Times: Amazon is building a new headquarters in Seattle, and they don't even want tax breaks.

From Discovery News: At least one million cockroaches have escaped a farm in China...

From New York: The Suit in the Newsroom, a profile of NYT CEO Mark Thompson

Through the jump!

From The Atlantic Wire: New docs detail US involvement in Saddam's nerve gas attacks

From The New York Times: David Carr on the curious spectacle of journalists berating journalists over Snowden / Manning stories

From The Millions: A "Breaking Bad and Beyond" reading list (hello, Gatsby!)

From Boing Boing: Why it's proving difficult to retrain bears not to approach humans

From CNN: Efforts to get a documentary made about Alice Guy-Blaché

(Wait, who's Alice Guy-Blaché?)

Those are the links. You know what this is...

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