#LamarWatch: Mike Huckabee Sends Statewide Fundraising Letter for Alexander



Now Sen. Lamar Alexander has a real primary challenger in state Rep. Joe Carr, the reinforcements are coming in.

The Alexander campaign has released a statewide fundraising letter sent by Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas Governor and current conservative radio host who won the Tennessee presidential primary in 2008.

Here's a clip from the beginning of the letter:

“When I was Governor of Arkansas, we did not have a Republican United States Senator, so I used to ask Lamar Alexander if he would mind moving a little west and being Arkansas’ other senator. I needed somebody I could talk to, somebody who is a conservative, and someone who understands — as Ronald Reagan did — how to govern.”

Huckabee goes on to praise Alexander's accomplishments as governor, and cites his perfect scores as a senator from the National Rifle Association, National Right-to-Life and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. He asks recipients to do three things: "...pray for Lamar, vote for Lamar, and fill out the enclosed envelope and send it back with a $10 or $15 or whatever amount you can afford."

Read the full letter here. And note what figures to be a persistent theme from Lamarland as the campaign goes on: that he is a conservative who "knows how to govern." In an op-ed in the Tennessean earlier this week — in which he teased the Huckabee letter — Alexander wrote that "Washington needs more, not fewer, conservatives who know how to govern." Huckabee says Alexander is that kind of conservative. As right-wing Tea Partiers challenge him for compromising, it looks as if Team Lamar will be strongly hinting at the notion that not everyone in the party can just plug their ears and stomp their feet until there's a new president.


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