Haslam: It's Early But State Could Be Willing to Play Ball on Sulphur Dell Stadium



During a chat with reporters this morning, Gov. Bill Haslam answered a question about the possibility of a new Nashville Sounds stadium at Sulphur Dell. Andrea Zelinski was there. Here's the transcript:

Governor, Mayor Dean has spoken with you about the possibility of a state coordinated, joint agreement with regards to a new stadium. Where does that stand and what's in it for the state?

"They came to us and said the Sulphur Dell site is a potential one that we'd be interested in and we said, of course we'd be interested in working with you. Since we own the property, we currently use some of that for some surface parking. The idea would be they would build a parking garage that we would have the rights and use to. Eventually the long term plans on Bicentennial Mall show a state museum and a new library and archives building that will happen at some point in time."

Would this be the touch pin to kind of really grow...

"One of the things about having a baseball stadium is it brings life and activity a whole lot of nights a year. I'm drawing a blank on how many home games they have, I think it's like 60 home games a year, where you have people and the area is lit up and it draws a lot more activity. So you can make an argument it will be good for the whole area. But again I want to say we're very preliminary. We've just said we get the concept, we want to be good neighbors, we're willing to talk."

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