Report: At Least One Democrat Considering Run for Governor



There may be one Democrat interested in challenging Gov. Bill Haslam next year. Sara Kyle, former director of the Tennessee Regulatory Authority and wife of Senate Minority Leader Jim Kyle, confirms to The Tennessean that she's thinking about it.

Joey Garrison with the scoop for the daily:

Kyle, wife of Senate Minority Leader Jim Kyle, D-Memphis, told The Tennessean she’s “seriously considering any position that I can be of service and help the Democrats move forward.”

“I want what’s best for that party,” she said, adding that she didn’t have a timeframe on deciding whether or not to run for governor. “I’m listening, sitting down with different groups and hearing what folks have to say.”

Garrison's a great reporter, and a friend of Pith, but he's misunderstanding Kyle. She's clearly saying that she will not run for governor or anything else. You see, Kyle says she's "considering any position" from which she can "help the Democrats move forward." There is no such position in this state.

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