Chuck Fleischmann Is Upset With Obama. Too Bad a Sternly Worded Letter Is Out.



According to the Chattanooga Times-Free Press, Rep. Chuck Fleischmann is upset President Obama didn't specifically mention funding a replacement for the Chickamauga Lock.

Congressman Chuck Fleischmann, who has blasted Obama for policies he sees as unfriendly to business, said he would remain in the “believe it when I see it” category when it comes to the president’s promises to improve infrastructure and create jobs.

“In his past two budgets, the President has completely cut all funding to the Chickamauga Lock and his overly burdensome policies have continued to impede actual job growth,” Fleischmann said.

Part of the problem is that in situations like this, it's up to the congressman whose district such projects are in to advocate for them, and Fleischmann's still working on his communication skills. On Saturday, the Times-Free Press reported on a faux postcard Fleischmann "sent" Obama (or rather sent the media, but it was addressed to the president):

"We appreciate that you are in town celebrting [sic] the businesses that have come to Tennessee thanks to our low regulation, low taxes and right-to-work policies," Fleischmann wrote in his faux postcard. "While here, I invite you to visist [sic] a few historial [sic], natural attractions like Ruby Falls, a true Chattanooga treasure."

The card was addressed to the president at "1600 Pensylvannia [sic] Avenue."

Who knows what any letter Fleischmann actually sent the president regarding the Chickamauga lock looked like? Can we really hold the president responsible if Fleischmann's misspellings perhaps led Obama think a Loch Chickamunga needed funding?

I'm just saying that before Fleischmann lambastes the president, maybe he ought to make sure he didn't send any requests for funding to the same "1600 Pensylvannia Avenue" he addressed the postcard to. The President might not have gotten them.

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