Hendersonville Couple Is Having All the Weddings



The New York Daily News has the strange story of David and Lauren Blair, who have been married 106 times — to each other.

They first wed in 1984 and have since renewed their vows on days such as Valentine's Day, a minute either side of New Year, Christmas Day, February 29 and count every day of the month their anniversary.

They broke the world record for the 'most married couple' at Serendipity 3 Restaurant in New York City on Valentine's Day 2001 but haven't slowed down since scooping the romantic crown.

Their latest ceremony is scheduled for August 4 2013 and the happy couple, from Hendersonville in Tennessee, USA, can't wait to say their 'I dos' again as they celebrate their 30th year of married life.

I find this both incredibly sweet and a little creepy. I mean, blergh, having to go to multiple Hard Rock Cafes in order to get married in them? That sounds more like a punishment for some obscure statute violation than a romantic get-away. But good for them for finding a way to keep their marriage delightful for both of them.

And, shoot, I guess we can go ahead and wish them a happy anniversary, because it seems likely today is one.

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