Brentwood Boy Genius Dreams Up Idea to Save Babies



Parents accidentally leave small children in the backseats of cars all the time, and often, unfortunately, those kids die. I've heard a lot of talk about what might be done to prevent these deaths. Should cars have some kind of warning bell that rings after you've turned the car off, until you take the baby out of the seat? Should car seats have some kind of flashing light or something?

But all of the solutions I've heard tossed about are expensive and would have to be developed by car makers or car seat manufacturers.

Andrew Pelham of Brentwood has come up with a simple solution. From CNET:

Pelham, 11, invented a simple device meant to remind tired or overwhelmed parents that a baby's onboard. The "E-Z Baby Saver" just nabbed a $500 runner-up award in the science and engineering division of the University of Akron's 2013 Rubber Band Contest, which tasked inventors in grades 5 through 8 with creating something made mostly from rubber bands.

Pelham's invention follows the old model of putting a rubber band reminder around the wrist.

One end of the device attaches to the back of the driver's seat by looping a rubber band around a head rest or handle. When parents click a child in, they flip the E-Z Baby Saver to the front seat, get behind the wheel, stretch the device across the driver's seat door, and hook it on the handle.

Then, when they try to get out of the car, they're met with a bright neon reminder that, well, there's something very important they need to be reminded of.

Yes, you read that right. Dude is eleven. This is amazing. Someone get with Pelham and figure out how to mass produce these.

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