CP: Are Common Core Standards the Next GOP Battleground?



In this week's issue of The City Paper, Andrea Zelinski looks into what might be the next fault line in the state GOP, and the legislature at large: Common Core standards.

From the CP:

The standards come with new ways for educators to look at instruction and include a new brand of standardized tests that roll out in the 2014-15 school year.

But the standards are catching the wrath of critics. Conservatives on the far right are vocal with their worry that the government is trying to nationalize education, glean private information from students’ standardized tests, and then stick taxpayers with the bill.

Yet people sprinkled all along the political spectrum say they too are worried, if not about one of those issues, then about the high-stakes tests their children consistently are facing.

“It appears that people who are raising concerns about Common Core range from people who are more liberal to people who are extremely conservative,” said Rep. Mike Stewart, a Democrat who represents some of East Nashville, and much of the area between I-40 and I-24 in Davidson County. “The fact that so many people are concerned about this should give us pause.”

Zelinski notes that Gov. Bill Haslam and state Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman both support the new standards.

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