The Schermerhorn Mosque Is a Hoax; Creeping Shariah Stopped in Its Tracks




The most controversial new mosque you haven't heard of does not exist.

Just as urgent emails were beginning to hit our inboxes, the Schermerhorn Mosque has been revealed as a hoax. That's just as well, since the group opposing the forthcoming terror factory, 100,000 Strong to Stop the Schermerhorn Mosque, has managed to attract the support of 34 people on Facebook.

We've confirmed with the Nashville Symphony that the Al Hussein Music City Islamic Center — known to opponents as the Shariahorn — will not be renting space at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, a building recently saved from a fate almost as horrifying.

In fact, Schermerhorn publicist Laurie Davis tells us that while the building is occasionally rented out, as a nonprofit the Symphony does not rent to religious organizations for services. They will, however, be providing aid and comfort to an ABBA tribute concert in July.

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