Carrie Underwood Has Bill Haslam's Ear


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Remember back in April, when Carrie Underwood tweeted her outrage at the legislature's approval of the Ag Gag bill?

The legislation would have required evidence of livestock abuse to be turned into authorities within 48 hours — and in the process, many argued, protected animal abusers while potentially criminalizing citizens (or media outlets) seeking to expose them. Underwood said legislators should be ashamed, and said that if Gov. Bill Haslam signed it, he could expect to see her at his door.

Well, self-invitation accepted!

From the Associated Press*, after the jump:

It was the first time she’s taken a political stand so publicly, and it seemed to have an impact. Haslam contacted Underwood to discuss the issue and went on to veto the bill that opponents claimed would have stopped investigation into animal abuse on farms.

“He really just wanted to hear everybody’s point of view, which I really respected,” Underwood said in a recent interview. “So it’s kind of neat that (tweet) led to that, which was really cool.”

Dave Smith, spokesman for Tennessee’s Republican governor, said Haslam spoke to people on both sides and that Underwood’s was the only celebrity counsel he sought.

Haslam went on to issue a rare veto. Carrie, take the wheel.

*Updated to clarify that the linked article is from the AP.


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