Judge in DCS Case Wants to Sit Someone in the Pokey



If you haven't read Bobby Allyn's latest Tennessean report about the clusterfuck that is the Department of Children's Services, go check it out now.

The short story is that DCS redacted more than the judge told them to redact in the files they handed over to the media — and she's pissed.

Chancellor Carol McCoy said on Wednesday morning that her “confidence was shaken” after the Department of Children Services removed information on children who died or nearly died under the agency’s supervision that went beyond her order.

McCoy asked specifically for the person responsible for misinterpreting her court order, saying she does not consider contempt of court actions lightly.

“You find this court a commissioner or assistant commissioner, someone big enough to tell me they are the ones who didn’t follow the order,” McCoy said. “I need the name of the person responsible … someone who needs to sit in the pokey.”

DCS is claiming they simply had to redact that information because of HIPAA rules. But I can't help but think this is a problem we see pretty regularly, where someone just does not get that they have no credibility left, and so is carrying on like everyone still trusts them. So, here's DCS, thinking they can redact more information than the judge has told them they can, and that the judge will trust their judgment. But it seems obvious the judge would be angry, because the whole reason this case exists is because people think DCS isn't trustworthy.

And there goes DCS acting in ways that seem to prove they can't be trusted.

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