Salemtown Neighbors Oppose Metro's Burial of Toxic Debris



Over at his blog, Salemtown resident and neighborhood activist Mike Byrd relays the news that the Salemtown Neighbors Neighborhood Association voted unanimously last night to oppose Metro Water's plan to bury the toxic remains of an old incinerator facility on site in Germantown.

Salemtown Neighbors president Freddie O'Connell confirms that via email:

I can confirm that a quorum of Salemtown Neighbors Neighborhood Association (SNNA) voted unanimously yesterday evening to opposed the on-site toxic landfill MWS is creating on its property adjacent to Salemtown. We plan to express our opposition to MWS directly, Metro Council, and the mayor's office, as well as to communicate our opposition to other North Nashville neighborhoods.

Simply, we'd prefer that Metro follow the law regarding demolition and transfer demolition materials to a properly maintained landfill rather than leaving materials on-site that would even suggest the need to flag the deed. Creating an ad hoc brownfield in a residential area when there is a not-unreasonable alternative doesn't make sense to our neighbors.

O'Connell tells Pith there were eight voting members present at the meeting, but that it was noticed to "30+ dues-paying households and the 100+ residents/property owners on Nextdoor with reference material from recent media reports."

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