Meet the World's Worst Visitor to Nashville



Now casting Jim Goads fantasy of local poverty.
  • Now casting Jim Goad's fantasy of local poverty.
Over at Taki's Magazine, Jim Goad is upset that a man can't come to Nashville and find "red-and-white checkered shirts, cowboy hats, and hoop skirts."

People, this is an actual quote from this story:

East Nashville remains somewhat visually interesting because it has escaped the brute beige force of gentrification and urban renewal. Here on the mangy, flea-ridden side of town, it’s all cracked cement, overgrown weeds, barbecued-rib shops, and used-tire stores.

I knew there would be poverty in Nashville — this is Tennessee, after all — but what astonished me was the utter lack of country rusticity. I wasn’t expecting Beverly Hills, but for some reason I thought the poor people would look more like Li’l Abner than Lil Jon. In short, I expected to see more hillbillies and fewer gangbangers and wiggers. But east Nashville is a place where “Music City” has a distinctly different meaning.

I could spend all day making fun of the whole article, but really, what more needs to be said? A dude went to East Nashville, somehow missed the rampant gentrification, then spent a whole article writing about how disappointed he is that the city's poor aren't stereotypical enough for him.

Oh, the tragedy of wanting to come to a city, expecting to find that the Grand Ole Opry fantasy we fed your Grandpa was a lie! No poor white people actually dress like Minnie Pearl! Minnie Pearl wasn't actually poor! Poor white Nashvillians aren't actually standing around waiting to be props in your fantasy of how picturesque being poor is, if you only do it the white ... er, excuse me, the right way.

And the best part? His basis for these sweeping pronouncements about race, the class divide and the population?

Ten minutes in a convenience store.

I find it hard to believe anyone is going to weep if we don't get any more tourists like this.

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