Lind to Nashville: This Song Ain't About You



In this week's issue of the Scene, Adam Gold reports on the unfolding drama surrounding whether the prime-time soap of which our city is the star — or at least, the title character — will continue to be produced in our city.

In this week's issue of The City Paper, J.R. Lind says if Nashville wants more out of Nashville than the locations, authenticity and cash the city is already offering, then the show can hit the road.

From his Weekly Obsession:

The show’s producers are lobbying for more state and local tax incentives to remain on-site, which creates a convenient excuse for them to decamp to L.A. or wherever if they are denied them.

And that’s unfortunate, because the answer from Metro and the state should be a stiff no. For all the feel-goods having a major network show gives us, incentivizing them to shoot here is like paying a rich friend to take a pretty girl to the prom.

To be continued...

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