Turns Out the Music City Center Will Not Create Jobs for Goats



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Over at WPLN, Blake Farmer has the disappointing news that the Music City Center's green roof — composed of 14 different types of vegetation! — will not require a fleet of goats for maintenance.

Nashville Mayor Karl Dean gave tours to dozens of journalists ahead of the grand opening this weekend. He was asked who would keep the four acres mowed. He responded with a joke.

“I think we’ll get some goats or something,” Dean said. “I don’t know. Right now it’s not a problem.”

If all goes to plan, the green roof shouldn’t need mowing. It’s made of 14 types of vegetation, including sedum, which is in the aloe vera family. It will need watering in the hottest part of the summer but not much maintenance otherwise.

The building will still serve as a stimulus of sorts for Phil Vassar, who will play at this weekend's grand opening festivities and, we assume, everything else that ever happens in Nashville.

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