Ron Ramsey, I Am Begging You — Please Debate Pro Wrestler Kane!



Can you say, Internet Sales Tax Battle Royal?
  • Can you say, "Internet Sales Tax Battle Royal"?
Over at Post Politics, J.R. Lind has the press release that Glenn Jacobs — aka Kane, aka the man who helped The Rock and The Undertaker take on the McMahon-Helmsley Faction — sent out challenging Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey to a debate about Internet sales tax.

“Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey claims that the Internet sales tax mandate is not a new tax. Nor, according to Ramsey, is it an unfair tax. Ramsey is wrong on both counts.” Glenn writes. “I, therefore, invite Lt. Gov. Ramsey for a policy debate on the issue of the Marketplace Fairness Act in a public forum at his convenience.”

There are a lot of reasons Ramsey should do this. Jacobs is a constituent and a citizen of Tennessee. Wrestling is an indigenous art form in the state and the athletes who participate in it should be treated with the same respect and seriousness as any athlete in the state. Plus if there's anyone who's given a lot of thought to taxes, it's a performer who plays and pays in multiple states.

But most of all, this would restore the cosmic balance of our state. Every day we Tennesseans have to grapple with the strange reality that one of our politicians once dressed up in a wrestler's mask and terrorized (or at least annoyed) the people of Knoxville while blathering on about his rights. Now we have the chance to have a masked wrestler talk about politics. It would make us even with fate. We could finally put the luchador mask incident behind us.

It's a win all around. Come on, Lt. Governor Ramsey! If you won't do it for the chance to talk policy with an informed constituent, do it so that we can, as a state, finally heal from Halloween '09.

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