When the Old Opposition Party Can't Stop Opposing



Over at The City Paper, Andrea Zelinski has an eyebrow-raising story about the seeming end of the Tennessee Republican Caucus.

The decision to halt fundraising for the House and Senate’s “Tennessee Republican Caucus” political fundraising account, as first reported by the Tennessee Journal, serves as evidence of a shift among GOP members who rule the legislature with supermajorities.

"The Senate made a decision to end the joint fundraising efforts. That decision is fine with the House,” Harwell said in a statement to The City Paper late Friday. “I have a good working relationship with the lieutenant governor and all members of the state Senate and look forward to working with them on other projects."

This is just the latest in a series of squabbles that have revealed the weaknesses of the Republican coalition in this state. The truth would seem to be that after spending 150 years fighting to get into power, Republicans don't seem to have a good handle on how to keep power without fighting. If no one is the bad guy who needs to be defeated, where does their political momentum come from?

Apparently from inventing bad guys and doing onto each other as they were so tired of the Democrats doing unto them.

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