Campfield vs. LaLonde 'Don't Say Debate' Debate Was Kinda Boring?



State Sen. Stacey Campfield returned to Knoxville after a long arduous session spent embarrassing everyone who calls Tennessee home and, possibly after picking up his girlfriend from the bus stop, proceeded to debate former Knoxville DJ J. LaLonde. Posters for the event featured two boxers engaged in a furious duel!

But it seems the gloves very much stayed on.

“Do I think he’s bad? No, but his bills are," LaLonde said, according to a News-Sentinel report.

Asked by Out an About before the debate to describe Campfield in 140 characters or less, LaLonde called him "a polite and complicated man burdened by primitive values." That characterization seems to have held up. In addition to sporting some bad jeans — pro tip for state legislators: Don't get outdressed by an intentional comedian — Little Stacey Dickens reportedly was fairly civil in defending his various crusades to starve poor kids and banish the word "gay" from school discussion.

Whatever the pro-choice LaLonde was hoping to accomplish, outside of getting some attention for arguing with a despicable fame-whore in public, the event raised $1,001 for the pro-life Choices Resource Center in Oak Ridge. So that's something, I suppose.

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