Champions of Second Amendment Lose Knife Fight



In a shocking development in the final hours of this session, senators have succumbed to a terrible infringement on Second Amendment rights.

Put away your Samurai swords, daggers, switchblades, meat cleavers, cutlasses and machetes. The right to bear knives and other long sharp instruments will remain restricted in Tennessee now that the Senate has accepted the House version of this year's best example of cutting-edge legislation. (Ha!)

That bill originally legalized switchblades and deleted from the law the 4-inch limit on the length of knives that you can carry. It also nullified any existing limits in cities or counties and prohibited them from imposing any new ones. Despite opposition from the state's law officers, the Senate passed this version last month.

Now under the House's wimpy version, the bill still stops cities and counties from passing their own ordinances but keeps the 4-inch limit in state law. Switchblades still are illegal.

"A couple of law enforcement associations in this state got out the long knives on this bill and, with the House members, they cut it to pieces," the bill's sponsor, Sen. Mike Bell, complained today.

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