Stacey Campfield Is #ProHunger


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If you follow Tom Colicchio at all, you know that he's passionate about the issue of hunger. Sure, as one of the country's best chefs and the head judge on Top Chef, he knows how to address a diner's hunger. But he and his wife Lori Silverbush are the forces behind A Place At The Table, a powerful documentary about hunger in America, which recently screened at The Belcourt.

From Time:

About six years ago, my wife was mentoring a young girl, and we had noticed that she was often hungry and her family was hungry. I remember Lori coming home and saying, I think I want to make a film about hunger. That’s how it came about. Very early on, [Silverbush and co-director Kristi Jacobson] learned that there was a CBS doc [1968’s Hunger in America] that looked at this issue—and very, very quickly after that, the population demanded that our leaders fix it. It worked. So that gave them the confidence to do it again. I don’t think either one of them just wanted to make a film; they wanted to affect change.

I passed along El Jefe's Pith post about the current Campfield bill to cut TANF payments. Colicchio had an interesting response:

It seems appropriate.


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