Jeremy Kane to Step Down as Head of LEAD Public Schools



Jeremy Kane, CEO and founder of Nashville's largest charter school system, is stepping down.

Andrea Zelinski with the details:

Jeremy Kane, the founder and CEO of LEAD Public Schools, announced Tuesday he would step down and act as a strategic advisor until the end of the 2014 school year when the school’s first class graduates, amounting to a 14-month transition of leadership.

“I am proud of all that we’ve accomplished and can’t think of a better way to leave than to graduate with our first class of students in 2014,” said Kane, 34, in a press release.

LEAD’s president and chief operating officer, Chris Reynolds, will take over at head of the school on July 1, according to the release.

Kane is also frequently the subject of mayoral chatter — that is, idle, mostly baseless talk about potential 2015 mayoral candidates. Does Kane's decision to leave his role at LEAD have anything to do with a potential run in two years? We have no idea. But we invite you to chatter about it below.

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