Campfield Defiant, Dismissive, Belittling in Libel Lawsuit Deposition



In yet another episode in our long-running saga How Did This Guy Ever Get Elected to Anything? state Sen. Stacey Campfield comes across as a real prick (just as you would expect) in his deposition for the libel lawsuit against him.

As the AP's Erik Schelzig reports, Campfield "is unapologetic for posting false information about a Democratic candidate on his blog, dismissive of the possibility of paying damages for that and belittling of the technological skills of fellow lawmakers."

"Like I've got any money to give it even if you win," Campfield told lawyers, saying he makes only $30,000 a year. "Go right ahead. I mean, I can show you my tax returns. If you think you're going to get money out of me, it's laughable."

Does his blog, where he posted the false information, affect fellow lawmakers?

"I doubt that," he said. "Most of them don't even know how to turn on a computer."

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