A Cautionary Tale for Nashville's Schools



Diane Ravitch
  • Diane Ravitch
On her blog, education historian Diane Ravitch warns Tennessee against setting up a state authorizer so charter school corporations can go around school boards to set up shop.

[P]ay attention to Inglewood, California. Only a decade ago, conservatives said that Inglewood was a miracle district and hailed the success of its public schools in producing high test scores despite high poverty. Then the charters began opening and 6,000 students enrolled in charters. That was 1/3 of the district’s students. The district laid off teachers, cut programs, increased clas sizes, an finally collapsed into bankruptcy.

In another post, she slapped Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman for refusing to meet with the Metro school board over its fears that the charter authorizer will bankrupt Nashville's schools.

He certainly lacks any political skills. He treats the duly elected Metro Nashville school board as if they are peons and he is their master. He refuses to meet with them. Where did he get these arrogance.

The school board voted 8-0 yesterday to authorize Superintendent Jesse Register to hire independent legal counsel to explore their options if charter authorizer bill passes.


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