Dean Administration Strikes a Deal With Satellite Cities



In a memo to Metro Council members this afternoon, Mayor Karl Dean's administration announced it has reached a "tentative agreement" with satellite city officials that it says preserves "the heart and soul of what makes Metro great." You may remember that some of the smaller cities in Davidson County had been pushing state legislation that would have allowed them to provide additional government services, contradicting the existing Metro charter.

Dean had said that the legislation would "gut" the Metro system of government. But now, it seems, our union has been saved.

More info by way of The City Paper, and the full memo outlining the agreement, after the jump:

The existing Metro charter allows satellite cities to provide the services they were providing when Metro government officially formed in April 1963. Under the new deal, they would be allowed to add certain services.

While some of the satellite cities currently have municipal courts, for example, the agreement allows any city to establish such a court. The deal would also allow any city to own and operate a park, and to issue business licenses. Other terms of the agreement pertain to codes, franchise fees for the use of public rights of ways, and stormwater services, and in several cases simply affirm the current arrangement.

The agreement does state that Metro “will consider” amending part of the Metro code “to allow a reduced rate for a Smaller City to employ extra-duty police officers.”

The agreement will require the approval from the Metro Council and the boards or commissions of the various satellite cities.

Memo to Diane Neighbors, March 29, 2013 [PDF]

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