State Rep's Message to Bullied Kids: 'That Which Doesn't Kill Us Makes Us Stronger'



The state's main LGBT advocacy organization is calling on House Speaker Beth Harwell to remove Rep. Roger Kane, R-Knoxville, from the House Education Subcommittee for his outrageous remarks about a bill aimed at preventing school bullying.

"That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger," Kane said.

Watch the video here.

"Rep. Kane's cavalier comments are deeply disturbing coming from a public official responsible for shaping school safety policies in Tennessee," said Jonathan Cole with the Tennessee Equality Project. "He's essentially saying that bullying is good for you because it toughens you up. Rep. Kane sends a terrible message to those Tennesseans who have forever lost a friend, a student, a son, or a daughter."

Update: Rep. Kane issues a press release, joining the ranks of misunderstood legislators.

Rep. Kane would like to state there is a misunderstanding regarding his words in committee hearing HB0927, otherwise known as the “Anti-Bullying” legislation. Rep. Kane was in no way saying he did not support the anti-bullying legislation, but his intention was to inquire instead if there was not already bullying legislation on the books. Rep. Kane does not support bullying of anyone whatsoever at any time. Furthermore, Rep. Kane has welcomed the Tennessee Equality Project and its members into his office, has taken time to hear their views, and will continue to do so if they have an issue they would like to discuss.

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