To Spite Georgia, Let's Move the River




You know how Memphis got wind that the state legislature was going to make it illegal to change the names of parks named after Civil War things and personages, so they preemptively changed all the names of their parks?

Well, it gives me an idea for how we should deal with Georgia yet again throwing a fit about our border. Now they're demanding either a thin strip of land be transferred to them so they can have water from the Tennessee River, or else they want everything south of the 35th parallel.

WSMV reports:

Georgia lawmakers have approved a resolution seeking to redraw the state line with Tennessee in hopes of gaining access to water from the Tennessee River.

The Georgia Senate voted 48-2 on Monday for the legislation that asks for the transfer of a thin strip of land leading to the river southwest of Chattanooga.

Supporters of the resolution say the 35th parallel was the intended state line nearly 200 years ago, but a flawed 1818 survey wrongly put the border farther south of the Tennessee River.

Well, now we know what they're gunning for. So, let's take a page from Memphis' book and preemptively move the river. I propose we dig a channel right at the Pryor Cemetery and reroute the river down the Sequatchie, where it would rejoin the traditional river safely north of Alabama.

And out of the greedy sight of Georgia.

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