Mop Sink Mistake Brings Predictable Onslaught of Liberal Media Mockery



Tennessee once again is America's laughingstock thanks to the liberal media's inaccurate portrayal of the legislature—this time the story that went worldwide yesterday about our lawmakers mistaking a mop sink for a Muslim foot bath.

Some coverage was straightforward and to the point, like this headline: Some Tennessee state legislators are pretty dumb.

But others in the media unfortunately chose to resort to mockery and sarcasm. A sampling:

At Wonkette:

Tennessee legislators were worried that the new porcelain fixture in a corner of a remodeled Capitol restroom might splash Sharia Law all over them, but building managers were quick to reassure them that it was merely a mop sink. As we all know, Muslim footbaths threaten America’s social fabric (actual headline), so you just can’t be too careful about these things!

Now that the question of whether the sink was intended for Muslim foot-washing has been resolved, Tennessee lawmakers are expected to consider measures that can be taken to prevent Muslims from sneakily washing their feet in the mop sink anyway.

And Gawker:

Thankfully, everyone angry that the state of Tennessee might be being nice to Muslims relaxed today when state officials clarified that the sink was nothing but a place for custodians to wash filthy mops.


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