We Can All Admit SJR0134 Has Failed in Its Mission



Regardless of your feelings on traditional marriage, I think we can all agree that, if your goal is to "celebrate traditional marriage within the State of Tennessee," you have already failed when you designate the day you want to hold such a celebration as “ido4life Traditional Marriage Day.”

It took me a good five minutes of just staring at SJR0134 to figure out that "ido4life" is not a typo and not pronounced "eye doe four life." Is the best traditional marriage can inspire in people a terrible Twitter hashtag? I have to say, maybe it makes me an old fogey, but I don't think it's appropriate to enshrine the use of "4" for "for" into legislative resolutions. It makes it look like we're letting people write our laws in text messages.

Yes, back in my day, men married women and we walked uphill both ways in the snow to go to school. But if we'd written "4" for "for" or failed to capitalize the pronoun "I," we'd flunk English. You want to celebrate traditional marriage, celebrate it with some goddamn traditional spelling.

Sen. Jack Johnson, you sponsored this resolution. You have a B.S. in education. Shame on you.

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