State Rep. Secret Squirrel Warns Terrorists Are Targeting Lawmakers



OK, let's start by pointing out that Rep. Rick Womick, R-Murfreesboro, is certifiable. That's what you should know to comprehend this video in which he presents his legislation purportedly giving super-secret security clearance to a special new committee of 10 state lawmakers.

According to Womick, lawmakers need to detect terrorist threats quickly, and they should stand ready at all times to go into survivalist mode in the event that society collapses around them. We envision Womick leading classes for lawmakers on how to prepare food reserves, how to grow crops in a garden, and how to hunt and defend themselves. To try to persuade this House subcommittee to adopt his bill yesterday, he discussed electromagnetic pulse suitcase bombs and other threats he sees to our state government.

"Everything's set for the governor," Womick said. "He's whisked away to a certain location, and he's secure. The legislature is not. Every one of us are targets. You may not realize it, but you are."

"All this is way over my head. You're scaring me," said Rep. Kent Williams, seeming to realize he was dealing with a total paranoid freak. The subcommittee delayed acton on the bill.

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