In Mountaintop Removal Fight, Tree-Huggers Embrace Right-Wing Nutjobs as Allies



Environmentalists are embracing their new allies in their fight to stop King Coal from blowing up our mountains. They may be right-wing nutjobs, Appalachian Voices says, but they're our right-wing nutjobs now! On its blog, Appalachian Voices hails the Tennessee Conservative Union's ad campaign as a game-changer in the legislature, which is supposed to consider the Scenic Vistas Act tomorrow in a couple of committees. Who cares if the conservatives are coming on board only to mess with China's dirty commie rats?

Appalachian Voices doesn’t necessarily agree with every sentiment in this advertisement. It doesn’t matter if somebody is from Beijing or Bristol, we don’t think they should be blowing up mountains. We certainly don’t agree with the Conservatives Union on many important issues related to energy and the environment, but the fact that the Tennessee Conservatives Union is stepping up to stop mountaintop removal shows that the breadth of support for protecting Tennessee’s mountains ranges all the way from left-to-right, odd-to-even, and low-to-high.

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