Sen. Stacey Campfield Loses Fight to Keep College Kids From Voting



Sen. Stacey Campfield did his best today to make it harder for University of Tennessee students to vote against him in the next election. But the rest of the Senate—possibly hoping to get rid of the clown prince of Tennessee politics once and for all—defeated his amendment to stop students from using their college IDs to vote.

“A college ID is a very easy thing to forge,” said Campfield, who represents the university’s Knoxville campus. “If someone went to a store and wanted to buy beer and they showed a college ID, hopefully they’d get laughed out of the place. You probably couldn’t go to a R rated movie with a college ID. It’s not valid proof. But for some reason we want to start letting college IDs to be used to go vote.”

Despite a mini-filibuster by Campfield, who wouldn’t stop whining about it, the Senate voted 20-10 against his amendment, then voted 21-8 for the bill.

The bill actually is aimed mainly at banning Memphis library cards as photo ID for voters. The state Court of Appeals allowed the library cards to be used in last year’s elections. That was after Memphis went to court to challenge the state’s new photo ID law as an obvious Republican attempt to disenfranchise traditionally Democratic voters, many of whom live in Memphis.

But Murfreesboro Sen. Bill Ketron’s bill also adds college IDs to the list of acceptable identification for voting under the law. We can’t explain why Ketron would do this, unless it’s to help defeat Campfield, a ridiculous homophobe who might finally have worn out his welcome in the Senate with his embarrassing antics and publicity stunts.

In arguing against Campfield’s amendment, Ketron unwittingly made the Democratic argument against the voter photo ID law. It disenfranchises poor people who don’t have driver’s licenses.

“Students who are of low income, for those who ride bicycles, for those who walk—they may not have a driver’s license,” Ketron said, adding that he wouldn’t to deny their right to vote because of that.

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