For State's Republican Leaders, 'New Shit Has Come to Light' on ObamaCare



In the immortal words of Dude Lebowski, new shit has come to light. That's the mantra of the state's Republican leadership these days as they undergo a shocking metamorphosis on the matter of ObamaCare.

They once denounced Medicaid expansion as an absolutely insane idea—a fiscal calamity for Tennessee! Now as Gov. Bill Haslam thinks about accepting ObamaCare, they suddenly are open to the idea. In fact, House Speaker Beth Harwell even is trying to deny she ever said she was against it.

"I don’t think I’ve ever publicly made a comment," the speaker said today when asked why she had changed her mind.

Unfortunately for Harwell, Al Gore invented the Internet with digital archives full of things politicians have said. Here is what she said about Medicaid expansion before last November's election, when the tea party champion Judd Matheny was talking about challenging her for the speaker's gavel.

Asked then whether the state should expand Medicaid, she said: "No, I do not personally think we should expand. … ObamaCare will be devastating for state budgets. It's the wrong way for this nation to go."

Things are different now. As House Republican leader Gerald McCormick explains: "There are some other facts that have come to light ..."

What in god's holy name are the House leaders blathering about? What are these other facts? We're guessing the main one is the fact that the state's health care industry is preparing to smash their skulls with a blunt object if they refuse to drop their anti-Obama demagoguery and do what's right for the state.

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