Herron Decries GOP 'War on Public Schools'



Trying to counter special-interest cash with a little old-fashioned earned media, state Democratic Party chairman Roy Herron held a press conference today to accuse Republicans of waging a "war on public schools." He called out the American Federation for Children and Students First, among other out-of-state groups, for promoting school vouchers in Tennessee with TV ads and campaign contributions.

"These outfits want to pilfer, plunder, and profit from the privatization of public schools and the pickpocketing of public funds," Herron said.

Herron said voucher advocates want to "take your tax dollars and put them in their friends’ private pockets, take your tax dollars for segregation academies, for sectarian schools, for schools that do not have to educate all races and creeds or any needy or disabled students at all."

"Who benefits from the private pilfering of public funds? Who benefits from bad-mouthing public schools?"


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