Haslam's Meteoric Rise: From Unknown Dweeb to White House Contender in Two Weeks



Bold Bill looking very presidential
  • Bold Bill looking very presidential
Only a couple of weeks ago, Gov. Bill Haslam became a Republican veep possibility in this head-scratching Politico article. Now he's presidential timber! That's according to political analysts who talked to Gannett's Washington bureau for a light bit of farce to help fill up the weekend papers. The headline: "Haslam on list of Presidential nominees."

OMG! How did this happen so suddenly? Well, “he’s getting some good press recently," one analyst observes. [Check.] It's his "likeable persona and non-confrontational approach," another says. [Double check!] That's the real clincher, it seems. Maybe he hasn't done much, but at least he's friendly and he's not a tea party nutjob.

On the other hand, the economy in Tennessee still sucks, which might relate back to the fact that Haslam hasn't done much. That's bound to throw a wet blanket on his 2016 presidential prospects. Plus, as one killjoy just has to point out, “the field will be both strong and deep, and absent a national profile or fundraising base, Governor Haslam will be at a significant disadvantage should he choose to run.” Bummer.

All things considered, maybe it's best that Haslam wait a while before running for the White House. Whenever he does decide to go for it, we have the perfect slogan: Vote Haslam: He's Inoffensive!


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