MTSU Poll: Public Split Over Haslam's Voucher Plan



According to MTSU's latest poll, 46 percent oppose Gov. Bill Haslam's school voucher plan and 40 percent favor it. Given the poll's 4 point margin of error, that's almost an even split.

“Statewide, it’s too close to call,” said Ken Blake, director of the poll at Middle Tennessee State University. “Supporters of the plan outnumbered opponents in our sample, but it’s unclear whether the same is true among all Tennesseans. They appear evenly, or nearly evenly, divided.”

Here's the poll question: “Suppose a child in Tennessee is poor and is attending a public school that is among the bottom 5 percent in overall achievement. Would you favor or oppose using state money to send such a child to a private school?”

Here's a good follow-up question for the next survey: "Suppose Republicans plan to use your tax money to pay for private educations for the children of Republican voters, and Haslam's voucher plan is the first step. Would you favor or oppose his plan then?"

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