Rep. Sherry Jones Is Getting Access to DCS Files


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The Tennessean is reporting that, thanks in part to a law she crafted, Rep. Sherry Jones is going to review DCS files for some of the families that she met with on Tuesday.

Jones, who fields many calls about child safety issues, said she has a growing list of cases to look into, and that she plans to chip away each week.

It was her 2008 bill that changed state law to allow legislators to view DCS case files (code section 37-5-107). The attached fiscal note touches on the “personal identifying information” that must be kept confidential, and says other information in the files is fair game for public disclosure and discussion among legislative committees.

That's good news. Still, the fact that Jones put that provision in a bill in 2008 just goes to show how long the troubles at DCS have been lingering.


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